About microbeton

Our objective

Our objective is to generate added value for our principals. We aim at steady improvement of the quality of various projects and their implementation. One of the ways of achieving this aim is by seeking out specialist niches in which we can excel, delivering top-quality products at a competitive price.

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Our perspective

microbeton® inspires creativity and innovation by its involvement in the project process at an early stage. Principals need proactive, cooperative sparring partners to keep both themselves and the designers involved focused. We deliver what we promise, mainly by our proactive attitude. We try to stimulate joint creativity and development of tangible conceptual product systems, involving principals, designers, developers, and processers.

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Concrete valley

Concrete Valley was established in 2012 as a production facility on an 80,000 m2 industrial site in Bergen op Zoom. This location is home to several distinctive, complementary businesses specializing in high-quality and innovative concrete products. Visit the Concrete Valley website.