Bajes Kwartier will be transformed into a sustainable and green neighbourhood

Bajes Kwartier is being transformed into a sustainable and green neighbourhood! At first glance, the name may not lead one to think of a beautiful residential complex, but the plans are promising. For the contractor Hegeman Bouw & Infra B.V. we will produce 856m¹ facade elements with EPS and 954m¹ facade bands.


With the arrival of some 3,000 new homes, there is a need for sports facilities in the area. Therefore, the construction of a fully-fledged, future-proof and multifunctional sports hall has started. The new school building, Spinoza20first, connected to the Spinoza Lyceum, will be built on the site of the former Bijlmer Bajes parking garage. The building meets all the requirements for a sustainable (school) building. These include solar panels, a green roof and the circular use of materials. As such, the school fits in well with the sustainable and future-oriented Bajes Kwartier. Of the old prison, 98% is reused as raw material for the new district. The school, sports hall and youth centre will be connected to the Bajes Kwartier’s thermal storage system.


For the new school building and sports hall, we will produce a total of 856 m¹ façade elements with EPS core and 954 m¹ façade bands.  


microbeton has extensive experience in the production of lightweight façade elements. For example, microbeton has produced black lightweight façade elements for the new EMA (European Medicines Agency). Another project is the provincial government building in Arnhem.

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