Steps & Concrete Decking

Apartment Complex Palthelaan, Zoetermeer

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List of information
  • Client:Vestia
  • Contractor:Van Waning
  • Architect(s):Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architects BV
  • Location:Zoetermeer
  • Date:2012

Steps & Concrete Planks

After a while, wooden elements can show signs of wear and tear. In this case, the Apartment Complex Palthelaan in Zoetermeer required renovation of the galleries, stairs and footbridges. By replacing the green and slippery wooden panels with new, lightweight and thin (45 mm) concrete parts with a steel structure, Microbeton not only improved the safety of the walkways, we also added to the sustainability of the building.

Palthelaan Trappen
Palthelaan Balkon
Palthelaan gedeelde ruimte
Palthelaan trappen

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